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Institute news

27 Февраль 2020

Seminar on process improvement of the diagnostic laboratories

Seminar on process improvement of the diagnostic laboratories, organized by the Research Institute of Virology in collaboration with Integral Global Health

Program expert Brian Robie and IGH program manager Jacqueline Stafstrom


This project’s overall purpose is to improve the work processes for the implementation of routine and recurring diagnostic laboratory testing of hepatitis infections at the oblast and regional levels in Uzbekistan. Improved, accurate, and timely diagnostic testing will enhance patient outcomes by providing information that can be used to identify patients who will benefit from helpful downstream management actions, such as providing effective treatment to individuals with positive test results and avoiding costly and time-consuming treatment for those with negative results.

Summary of Activities

This project took place at the Uzbekistan Research Institute of Virology (IOV). Participating teams were from the following locations: Institute of Virology (IOV), Blood Transfusion Center of Syrdarya Region, Tashkent Oblast Regional Blood Transfusion Center, Republican Center of Blood Transfusion, Tashkent City Blood Transfusion Center, and The Agency for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance (Tashkent Region and Tashkent Oblast).

These teams participated in a 2.5-day Process Improvement (PI) training to help improve managerial work processes for HBV and HCV screening and diagnosis in Uzbekistan. Teams learned to address routine and recurring laboratory-based problems on topics such as reporting, diagnostics, turnaround time and process-based errors. This highly participative workshop covered the following key topics:

  • Problem Definition
  • Problem Measurement
  • Problem Analysis
  • Improvement Plan Development and Implementation
  • Determination of Results

During this workshop, participants engaged in various team exercises to develop a detailed plan for improving a significant laboratory problem they identified. After this workshop, teams will conduct a PI project at their worksites over a four-month timeframe, after which they will present results to management and laboratory staff.